Driving Distances  
Driving Times & Distances in Tasmania:
From - To Coles Bay Cradle Mt Devonport HOBART Launceston Port Arthur Stanley St Helens Strahan Swansea Tarraleah
Coles Bay  -  350k 4h20m 250k 3h20m 190k 2h15m 180k 2h20m 210k 2h40m 380k 5h10m 115k 1h30m 490k 6h05m 60k 45m 280k 3h40m
Cradle Mt 350k 4h20m  -  85k 1h15m 300k 4h15m 150k 1h50m 380k 5h10m 180k 2h10m 290k 3h50m 150k 1h50m 260k 3h30m 230k 3h10m
Devonport 250k 3h20m 85k 1h15m  -  280k 3h50m 100k 1h20m 330k 4h20m 130k 1h50m 240k 3h20m 230k 3h10m 220k 2h50m 180k 2h30m
HOBART 190k 2h15m 300k 4h15m 280k 3h50m  -  195k 2h40m 90k 1h10m 400k 5h30m 250k 3h10m 290k 3h50m 130k 1hr40m 130k 1h50m
Launceston 180k 2h20m 150k 1h50m 100k 1h20m 195k 2h40m  -  250k 3h20m 220k 3h10m 150k 2h 270k 3h40m 135k 1h50m 170k 2h20m
Port Arthur 210k 2h40m 380k 5h10m 330k 4h20m 90k 1h10m 250k 3h20m  -  450k 6h10m 270k 3h30m 370k 4h50m 170k 2h10m 200k 2h50m
Stanley 380k 5h10m 180k 2h10m 130k 1h50m 400k 5h30m 220k 3h10m 450k 6h10m  -  370k 4h50m 250k 3h10m 340k 4h40m 340k 4h20m
St Helens 115k 1h30m 290k 3h50m 240k 3h20m 250k 3h10m 150k 2h 270k 3h30m 370k 4h50m  -  400k 5h10m 120k 1h30m 290k 3h40m
Strahan 490k 6h05m 150k 1h50m 230k 3h10m 290k 3h50m 270k 3h40m 370k 4h50m 250k 3h10m 400k 5h10m  -  350k 4h30m 170k 2h10m
Swansea 60k 45m 260k 3h30m 220k 2h50m 130k 1hr40m 135k 1h50m 170k 2h10m 340k 4h40m 120k 1h30m 350k 4h30m  -  210k 2h50
Tarraleah 280k 3h40m 230k 3h10m 180k 2h30m 130k 1h50m 170k 2h20m 200k 2h50m 340k 4h20m 120k 1h30m 170k 2h10m 210k 2h50  - 
All driving distances & times are approximate and should be used as a guide only.
Roads in Tasmania:

Tasmanian roads have relatively light traffic to most other urban areas of Australia. There are very few multi lane highways and almost all major roads between major towns are two lanes, one each way.

Many roads are often winding which usually makes for lower traveling speeds. This leeds to longer travel times than most may normally expect. Tasmanian traffic conditions can change quite quickly - especially in the highland region. Care must be taken with high winds & some snow a possibility.

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